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Luna & Flow is an organization that seeks to enlighten people about menstruation cycles through educational workshops,  partnering with non profit organizations that help provide better access to menstrual products, create a space for story telling with Luna and Flow Comic Books(TM), removing the stigma around talking about our cycles, and to inspire people to research more about stem cells found in menstrual blood (MenSC). 


People are choosing to not have periods for various reasons some being; they can be frustrating if you suffer from fibroids or other issues, the stigma attached to them, the market generally ignoring the needs of the menstruating consumer, the lack of resources to manage a comfortable period. We believe menstruation is a sacred cycle that has been shamed and veiled in an unnecessary mystique for far too long. Luna & Flow aims to bring to light this sacred cycle and to inspire innovation, creativity and a sense of community centered around menstruators.

If you only knew what your menstruation cycle could do ...

Our Mission

Luna & Flow's mission is to build a better way to learn about menstrual cycles, menstrual products and celebrate what makes menstruators special.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a retail/cafe/event space that is filled with menstrual educators, menstrual products and resources for every menstruator in and around Pontiac.

We want to hear from you!

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