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This is a perfect gift for a new menstruator, a new fan of Luna & Flow.  It's also good for if you just want to pamper yourself during your cycle.


Each  'Waxing Moon Box' is unique to the purchaser. You choose a  preferred menstrual product (i.e. reusable pads, cup, disk, underwear or 100% organic cotton tampons) and based on any allergies or preferences we help choose some snacks, treats, tea, relaxing self care items. The moon box also includes an art surprise and of course, an issue of Luna & Flow 'Waxing Crescent'. 

Waxing Moon Box

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Each box is customized with your perfreed menstrual product.

    If you have questions about menstural products I'd love to help guide you to the right information to make those very important decisions.

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