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Episode #2 is Coming 2021

The recent success of the Kickstarter campaign has given Luna & Flow an opportunity to move into the 'Waxing Gibbous' phase.

The Luna & Flow Kickstarter campaign awarded us $2,000 for the next 10 pages of the comic to be created this summer. It also is giving us an opportunity to try out the Moon Boxes for sale online soon. In the backer gift for the Kickstarter campaign were signed copies of Luna & Flow episode #1 'Waxing Crescent', Luna & Flow Stickers, a journal, stones, dried flowers/herbs, soap, face masks, chocolate and magical butterfly pea tea.

The Moon Boxes we will sell online will give you a choice of sustainable menstrual products, types of chocolates, locally sourced snacks, special teas, pain management products and some other shit that might excite you. When you buy a moon box for yourself or someone else, a portion of that sale goes to providing menstrual products in public spaces, giving equitable access to my community, Pontiac, MI.

So that's what's on deck for Luna & Flow...join us in the forum and tell us all about you.


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